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 Paula Leeper MW, LMT


Ancient Healing Arts LLC

Sessions are directed by The Great Spirit. I will honor you during your session. I will honor your belief system. I will connect with you and your energy, calling in Creator to guide me as an instrument for your highest good.  Each session is different from any other. They are as unique as you. Expect anything…. being moved to laughter, tears or joy… maybe all three. It is all perfect.

 Traditional Medicine

Paula Leeper and Ancient Healing Arts LLC use massage and healing touch, to soothe, rejuvenate and align your physical and spiritual self. Paula has been mentored with traditional healing practices from Meso~America. Enjoy a cranial unwinding or restorative massage in a calming, serene environment. You will be guided with a gentle, loving hand as you walk, speak and move with your heart.

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