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Intentional Touch

Mesoamerican Techniques


Next class:

September 23/24

Mesa, AZ

Seven Sessions of Creating Sacred Touch with the Layers of the Spirit and Body



  • Understanding the primal need for Healthy Touch. 

  • Learn the layers of the energetic body, and the layers of the physical body. 

  • Learning to trust your instincts.

  • Be able to set an intentional space for listening to the needs of someone. 

  • Creating a serene environment for relaxation/healing/trust. Learning the different mediums to use on the physical body. 

  • Touching/Massaging with a light touch. (no deep tissue will be taught in this course.) 

  • Discussion of Contraindications of touch. General anatomy. 

  • Reading the signs of body language, focus on pain relief. 

  • Learning to hold a sacred space of allowing the body to unfold. 

A course written and facilitated by Maestra Paula Leeper

                              La Guera Curandera

*Must be at least 18 to join this community course. Any caregivers that are under 18, could receive this training, one on one.*

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