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Dragon Slayer Balm

Dragon Slayer Balm

Dragon Slayer Balm


Hands-Free Application


Anti~ inflammatory, reduces arthritis pain, relieve muscle cramps, sprains, spasms and soreness, improves mobility and is a nervine. Strengthens the immune system.


The dragon of pain will sleep for about 3 hours.

Topical only. Not for ingestion

Apply 2~3 times daily.

Ingredients: base of Organic Jojoba, Kava Kava Vanilla, Organic Cocoa Butter

Camphor ( natural source), Menthol crystals ( natural source)

Essential oils of Clove & Cinnamon.




All of my products are made with certified organic and/or wild crafted medicines, my prayers and intentions of relieving pain.

    2 Ounces
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