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Home Blessings/Business Blessings

Traditional Mexhika blessing; using oils, herbs, sacred songs, and sacred waters. I will come to your location and bless the land and home/business. This must be scheduled with me and not online. Up to three hours, including drive from Mesa, Az

Spiritual Counsel ~ Safe Place

This is a private consultation/platica, a safe place of love and honor.

We are open to ALL people, all skin tones, all spiritual paths, all ages, all abilities, al gender, all non-gender, all transitioning, EVERYONE. 

We are all related. 

60/90 Minute Custom Treatment

60/90-minute Custom Treatment:

Medical Massage

Meso~American Massage


 Medical Massage

Science-based treatment plans for injuries, pain syndromes, and reducing somatic holding patterns. Trigger point therapy, deep tissue, lymphatic, gua sha, and stretching.

Re~educating the body and educating you to learn how to be pain-free and heal from recent or chronic conditions.



Introduction to the benefits of Foot massage with reflexology to reduce and remove pain. Good for numbness, tingly feeling. Includes lower leg massage for VITALITY.

Military Appreciation/Family 60 Min

Your price is $55 everyday! Thank you for your service!

Sacred Path Ceremony

To wash your feet is a great honor. Using floral waters, oils, and herbs from my garden; we uncover your sacred path. There is potent knowledge stored in your feet. The toes, pads, and top of your feet represent the divine energies of your sacred path. They hold the past, present, and future. As we call to our Ancestors, we begin to understand what our toes are telling us. Gaining access to wisdom that guides us in direction of the Heart. Sacred touch through Ceremony. What is your heart saying?


Limpia/Traditional Cermony

Limpia, a clearing of old, negative energies to reveal the knowledge and wisdom inside of you. This is a private session. Group sessions are by donation.


Ritual: Deeper Connection Massage

Integrating some of these methods; guided meditation, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, cupping therapy, gua~sha, essential oils, hot stones, healing stones & lymphatic movement to calm the central nervous system. allowing deep tissue. This massage can increase mobility, reduce chronic pain, and enhance the quality of life. Re~remember who you are.

Spiritual/ Self Healing Enrichment Session

30-minute energy cleansing, and 30 Min spiritual enrichment bodywork to remove blockages in your heart, spirit, mind, and body. This session includes essential oils to assist you in the Ancestral realm. This custom session is tailored to connect you to your Spiritual Guides and Ancestors. 

Auricular Candling

An ancient spiritual ritual for clearing the mind and spirit energetically.  The auricular candling ritual involves A Platica; a traditional heart-to-heart talk, essential oils, face, neck, and ear massage. A woven cotton cone soaked in beeswax and herbs is then lit on fire and placed gently into the ear canal.


Auricular Seed~ Medicine Wheel

Auricular seeds are placed on the outside of the ear to promote health and well-being. We have several protocols to choose from. This session will include a heart-to-heart chat about your needs and then the seeds placed in specific areas for your situation. This is the MEDICINE WHEEL 20-minute session. Supports a Spiritual development of heart-based thought, developing a relationship with your own spirit by clearing the mind and acknowledging the body, bringing harmony to yourself. Seeds only, the picture represents placement, no needles in this session.


 Bones, Stones, and Trinkets Casting

Using the principles around the Mexhika Medicine wheel, we can gain an understanding of the essences that make YOU. Each year we are given four seasons. Each direction on the wheel contains the wisdom for our path. Beginning with a Sacred Platica, we call in the elements, the energies, and Our Guides to assist us. We will anoint ourselves with sacred oils and make sure we have a clear intention. Throwing the bones and items is one way to have a tangible answer. These are then interpreted through me. This session is deep and much consideration is taken before I throw the bones, stones, and trinkets. I have connected with each piece for the messages they bring. Many items I have had for over 20 years and carry powerful medicine. In return, we thank the Spirits with an offering of action towards our true authentic selves. Be ready to make a commitment before you ask for a session. 

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