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Home Blessings/Business Blessings

Traditional Mexhika blessing; using oils, herbs, sacred songs, and sacred waters. I will come to your location and bless the land and home/business. This must be scheduled with me and not online. Up to three hours, including drive from Mesa, Az

Shamanic Practice/Celtic Witchcraft

"Explore the Unknown with Shamanic Journey - Unlock Your Inner Wisdom"

A landscape of possibilities 

How our ancestors lived, more than 3 or 4 generations ago, was with nature. 

They were connected to the moon cycles, sunrise, weather. They were enchanted by the natural world. 

The truth of night and day. 

The cycles of seasons. 


We live with artificial light and dark. Our world polluted with lights, chemicals and having to use an app to know where the moon is. 


How far away we are from the natural world. We go “camping” to enjoy nature. We need an alarm clock to continue going against nature. 


What are the possibilities of once again, becoming nature, truly being a root system and

 re-membering our souls purpose. 

To be in tune with nature. 


What is the sun doing? Rising every morning to warm us from the cold night. 


The moon guiding us to sit in the quiet, cuddling with our loved ones and being connected. 


The wind, moving energy, pushing seeds, cleansing with its chaotic magick. 


The waters of the earth, our life source. 


The earth, the absolute holy container for all of the cycles. Life, death, and rebirth. 


I want to ask you; 

When did you feel so loved as inside the wombs of the earth. 


Take a journey with me, let’s find a connection to the enchanted ways of how our Ancestors lived. 

They knew the Moon, the Sun and they lived by the daily and monthly cycles. Nature told them what to do. 


I know it sounds far fetched, I believe the more we connect to natures cycles, the closer we are to the divine energies that created us. 


Schedule a journey session with me. 

I’m curious, are you? 

"Experience Holistic Wellness Through Custom Massage Services at Ancient Healing Arts LLC"
60/90 Minute Custom Treatment

60/90-minute Custom Treatment:

Medical Massage

Meso~American Massage


  Massage for Chronic Pain

Rehabilitation Massage is a powerful combination of science-based techniques and earth-based traditions, designed to help reeducate the body and remember the soul. It is an effective way to restore balance and promote healing in the body, allowing for physical and emotional well-being.



Reflexology is an ancient therapy that works to bring vitality and relief from pain to the body. By applying pressure to the feet and hands, it activates the body's natural healing process and helps to restore balance and harmony. This gentle and non-invasive therapy can help to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost energy levels.

"Honoring Those Who Serve:
Services for the Military Community"

Ancient Healing Arts LLC is an organization that offers holistic healing services to individuals and groups. We believe in the power of traditional ancient healing arts to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to our clients. We offer a military discount of $65  per sessio, on our services and are proud to be serving our military families. Read more about our recent projects and see how we can help you on your healing journey.

Sacred Path Ceremony

A Sacred Path Ceremony is a powerful and transformative experience that honors our journey to the divine. It is a time to reconnect with our feet and the potent knowledge they represent. We use floral waters, oils, and herbs from my garden to anoint the feet and to represent the divine energies of your sacred path. Through this ceremony, we call to our Ancestors and gain access to ancient wisdom that guides us in the direction of the Heart.


"Experience the Healing of a Limpia"

At Ancient Healing Arts LLC, we bring ancient healing ceremonies to modern day life. Our signature Limpia ceremony is a powerful practice to help you clear old, negative energies from your body and mind, allowing you to connect to the deep knowledge and wisdom inside of you. Through this ceremony, you can access the power and potential of your true self.

We offer both private sessions and group sessions. Our private sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals, while our group sessions are offered by donation. We invite you to join us on this transformational journey.


Ritual: Deeper Connection Massage

Integrating some of these methods; guided meditation, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, cupping therapy, gua~sha, essential oils, hot stones, healing stones & lymphatic movement to calm the central nervous system. allowing deep tissue. This massage can increase mobility, reduce chronic pain, and enhance the quality of life. Re~remember who you are.

Spiritual/ Self Healing Enrichment Session

30-minute energy cleansing, and 30 Min spiritual enrichment bodywork to remove blockages in your heart, spirit, mind, and body. This session includes essential oils to assist you in the Ancestral realm. This custom session is tailored to connect you to your Spiritual Guides and Ancestors. 

Auricular Candling

At Ancient Healing Arts LLC, we offer a unique ear candling ritual experience to help clear the mind and spirit energetically. Our ancient spiritual ritual involves a Platica; a traditional heart-to-heart talk, essential oils, and face, neck, and ear massage before the ear candling. The ritual is completed with a woven cotton cone soaked in beeswax and herbs that is lit on fire and placed gently into the ear canal. We believe this ritual helps clear the mind and spirit of any energetic blockages.


Auricular Seed~ Medicine Wheel

Auricular seeds are placed on the outside of the ear to promote health and well-being. We have several protocols to choose from. This session will include a heart-to-heart chat about your needs and then the seeds placed in specific areas for your situation. This is the MEDICINE WHEEL 20-minute session. Supports a Spiritual development of heart-based thought, developing a relationship with your own spirit by clearing the mind and acknowledging the body, bringing harmony to yourself. Seeds only, the picture represents placement, no needles in this session.

 Bone Reading

Bone Readings are a divination practice that draws on the principles of the Mexhika Medicine Wheel to provide insight into the essence of YOU. We believe in the power of the four seasons and the four directions on the wheel to provide guidance and contain ancient wisdom to help guide us on our path. We use the energies of the four elements to open our minds, body, heart, and spirit to the messages of our Guides. We anoint ourselves with sacred oils and make sure we have a clear intention before we begin the divination process. Our goal is to provide tangible answers to our questions and have the messages be interpreted through me by the Spirits, offering action towards our true authentic selves. In return, we thank the Spirits with an offering of action toward our true authentic selves. Be ready to make a commitment before you ask for a session. 

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