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 Maestra Paula


Traditional medicine/Curanderismo is the concept of using items found in your natural environment to heal, allowing you to become balanced so you can experience optimal health. Traditional medicine has been a part of our culture for over 5,000 years.  The Mexhika have had ceremonies for healing, for life, and for death, for all time, they have integrated faith, with plants and with those ceremonies to bring a synergistic platform for healing. There are many cross-cultural teachings that are safe, effective, traditional, and ceremonial.

Just as your spirit, heart, mind, and body are integrated, you’ll find from the moment you make your appointment, you are already healing. Wholistic touch and ceremony are elegantly integrated to offer you the finest and most comfortable overall experience. Paula uses the Medicine Wheel of the Mexhika Medicine people to integrate your spirit bodies with your physical vehicle. East direction representing your breath and all things new, West direction representing your fire and releasing old patterns, the South representing water and your ability to navigate your emotions, the North representing your connection to your Ancestors while here on earth. There is much more information that Paula will use to help you integrate and navigate your experience.

Our logo provides for visualization of moving, being propelled, and acting as our goal is to release all the stagnant energy that isn’t serving you. The colors represent fire and the golden light that we all carry as divine children of the Creator.
Ancient Healing Arts LLC brings many experiences and together for a holistic approach to pain and ailments. Paula will treat you with reverence and offer you an insight on how to continue healing. You aren’t broken, you desire more, you deserve to listen to your heart and walk authentically.


We accept everyBODY here at AHA. We are LGBTQIA.

I am currently the Maestra of the Arizona Chapter of New Mexico-based Traditional Ancestral Method of Empowerment.


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My Purpose


My traditional introduction and who I am; 

Niltze Ikniuhtli. Nehuatl Notoka La Guera Curandera. Kualli Nican. Tlazocamati.

 I am Paula Leeper, the Great Great Granddaughter of Permilia J. Philips, the Great Grandaughter of Edna J. McAllister, the Grandaughter of Ruby and Alton Hammett, and the Granddaughter of Lillian and Aaron Graves. I come from a strong lineage of Healers from many places.

I am the Daughter of Jerry and Linda Graves. I am the spiritual partner of Chad Leeper and Mother to Patrick and Rebecca, I am a surrogate mother to Ashley and Chad Jr. I am a Mother in law to Octavio, Heather, Cody, and Lauren.  I am Ama to Elias, Evelynn, Greyson, Odin, Fenix, and Killian!

I am known as a Maestra, massage therapist, ceremonialist, and energy mover, I am a Medicine Woman. I have been initiated into the Mexhika tradition, and carry the medicine of Maestra CC and her Abuelita, Casimira Rocha y Sanchez. I carry a gift from Creator, and the vision I was given, is my life’s mission. 

I carry the sacred saumerio, sacred abalone shell, sacred pipe fire, sacred conch, sacred eagle feather, Goddess of the Corn, I am a guardian to the lost souls, guardian of matik, (mind energy),  a protector of the sacrificial offering jug, and the desert landscape.

I am connected to the Hummingbird, Butterfly, Owl, and Jaguar. I walk, speak, and move with my heart. I have been given the gift of a vision that allows me to continue my path, daily. I have been touched by the Great Spirit and dream with the Virgin.

I am Maestra Paula, La Guera Curandera ,


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